‘Pokemon’ Merchandiser Causes Controversy for Yasukuni Shrine Visit

Creatures, Inc. has found themselves in hot water due to a company trip to Yasukuni Shrine.

The company is known for producing Pokémon cards, merchandise, and non-mainline games. But their recent New Year trip has offended many fans due to a now-deleted Tweet of their Yasukuni Shrine visit.

Yasukuni Shrine is revered for its beautiful architecture and maintained grounds, but its dedication to imperial forces is a source of controversy. Nearly 2.5 million names are honored — with 1,068 convicted war criminals from the Boshin War to the First Indochina War. 14 of the war criminals are A-Class, which signifies the worst war crimes a human could commit.

The shrine does have a hall that includes Korean and Taiwanese who served Japan, as well as a dedicated memorial dedicated to the people who died during World War II, regardless of their nationality. Despite these additions, visits from celebrities and politicians lead to controversy.

Yasukuni Shrine

It’s unlikely that Nintendo will sever their relationship with Creatures, Inc over this firestorm. Yasukuni Shrine is also close to Creatures, and it’s possible that it was last-second, low budget trip to a nearby shrine.

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