‘Pokemon’ Fans Think Ash Looks Better as a Girl in New Movie

Earlier this week, a teaser for the untitled summer 2018 Pokémon movie was released. The movie franchise offers the production staff an opportunity to play around with the cast’s designs and storyline.

This year’s movie will feature Wit Studio (Attack on TitanThe Ancient Magus’ BrideKabaneri of the Iron Fortress) co-producing the animation with Shizue Kaneko (If Her Flag Breaks Pan de Peace!) handling the designs.

Kaneko’s touch has led to Ash having a more delicate look as opposed to the Western cartoon style of Sun & Moon.

In fact, the smoothness of Ash’s lines has fan artists thinking he would look better as a girl. Japanese Twitter user @MAJIbeef kicked things off after sharing a simple redesign.


@kaneko09191010 elevated the work by giving Ash fuller lips and longer eyelashes.


@gurizaialoveeee lightened Ash’s skin to be more in-line with most of anime girls’ complexions.



@soomentabetai felt Pikachu wasn’t receiving any love, so Ash’s companion was given lush locks.


Pikachu’s new hair was great, but @chiy_07 was disappointed at how Ash neglected using proper cheek blush and lip balm. Better fix that!



@First02Victim decided Pikachu should be pink, because why not?


Why stop at turning Pikachu pink? @wasutagi_road improved everything with a little lipstick for Pikachu.



For the coup de grace, @misaman114 gave Ash and Pikachu larger eyes, because everyone knows anime girls have large eyes!



If the Pokemon production committee ever runs out of movie ideas, they can turn to fans for a gender-bender story.

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