Pokémon Episode’s US Airing Set to be Skipped by Disney XD

It’s been a long 16 years since we last saw a banned Pokémon episode in the West, but it seems another one is just around the corner.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Banned Episode

Pokémon Sun and Moon episode 64 is supposed to air between late July and early August but has neither been confirmed to broadcast nor has it received an official English title. The episode aired in Japan this year on March 1st without incident.

Passimian from Pokemon Sun

The episode, 友情のタッチダウン!!(Touchdown of Friendship!!), revolves around Ash Ketchum befriending a tribe of Pokémon called Passimian. After a series of events, he ends up in a Passimian costume which fans speculate is the reason for it being pulled by The Pokémon Company from the West.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 64

The last episode that was similarly blocked from airing was back in 2002, Episode 250: The Ice Cave. That story revolved around the Pokémon called Jynx who, at the time, resembled blackface. Jynx’ subsequent appearances changed her skin from pure black to a shade of purple to avoid the negative connotation.

Pokemon Banned Episodes

Other unaired episodes in the West include Beauty and the Beach for sexual content and The Legend of Dratini for featuring guns being pointed at Ash and shot by Team Rocket at other characters.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the episode deserves to be banned?

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