Penguins Wear ‘Evangelion’ Cosplay at Matsue Vogel Park

Shimane prefecture’s Matsue Vogel Park is a fun spot for a day trip for any tourist and is home to daily penguin strolls!

Evangelion Penguins

Twice a day, the adorable penguins born at Matsue Vogel Park waddle down a special route wearing cute felt costumes. Until July 9, the penguins will be wearing Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay as part of a promotion with Shimane Art Museum’s “Evangelion Exhibition.”

The penguins are wearing handmade felt costumes that were crafted by their handlers. They were designed to avoid impairing their movement or burdening them while parading around. One of the penguins was even designated as the character Pen Pen.

The penguins go on their strolls at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm JST. Admission to Matsue Vogel Park is 1540 yen ($14.10).

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