Party With These 8 Closet Cosplay Inspirations

Have nothing to wear to your next get together? Are current fashion trends boring you?

Here are some closet cosplays that can totally be worn at that next birthday bash or Friday night out with friends!


1. Motoko Kusanagi – GITS Arise

Red and Black. Leather jackets. Lookit dat fashion. Wow.


2. Nona – Death Parade

Bow tie? Preppy yet adorable. Coloring your hair might not be your style but just throw a teal accessory somewhere like a wristband, hair clip, or watch!


3. Jotaro – JOJO’S Bizzare Adventure

Brimmed black hat, shoulder-padded jackets, and chains. Don’t forget crazy poses! Super fab.

(photo on right) Fashion designer: Araki Kazuhiko with GUCCI

Fun fact: CLAMP (famous manga artists) loved Jojo designs so much, they did some fanart animation!

God bless CLAMP.


4. Lupin the III

Suits are ALWAYS in fashion. Be bold with your color choices if you are daring! If you’re a cosplay pro, just tailor the back of a few shirts to make them fitted and super sleek.

Art Yoosh-chan


5. One Piece Film Z

Zoro + Luffy: Large Bold designs with colorful accessories like yellow sunglasses or an eccentric hat. Total conversation starters.

Pixiv Id 580815


Some throwback of some Japanese fashion and 90’s grunge. Something ripped and a few peircings or loungy sweater and colorful bold patterns.



7. Jellyfish Princess

Princess style with pearls or flowers, cute dresses or skirts, make up and hair done up for maximum effect!


8. Macross Frontier

Idol crop tops and short shorts with cute accessories like animal purses or hair scarves.

Layered look with mixed patterns or bold colors.



So feel confident in your fashion choices next time you go out and take all the selfies!

And if you want to go to a crazy anime party, check out our last event and stay tuned for more!


Alissa Simmons
Alissachu is a Musical Theater Cosplay Actor living and working in NYC. Her favorite anime include Cowboy Bebop, Cardcaptor Sakura, and One Piece. Currently craving: Royal Milk Tea while listening to a choir of singing Pomeranian.
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