The 8 Must-Watch Anime of the Winter 2019 Season

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17 Times Anime Spoke to You

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Rumor: Live-Action ‘Pokemon’ Cinematic Universe is in Development

Legendary Entertainment seems to have high hopes for Detective Pikachu because they are developed two more live-action Pokémon movies!

Japan’s Next Biggest Fashion Model is Completely Virtual

Anyone who loves Japanese street fashion knows imma!

12 Iconic Anime That You Enjoyed a Decade Ago

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Elon Musk’s Vision For The Future Sounds A Lot Like ‘Ghost...

Elon Musk, the futurologist entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, recently shared his vision of Neurolink.

‘Fate/Grand Order’ Has Made So Much Money It’s Insane

Did you know that Fate/Grand Order has made $2.6 billion since 2015?

The New ‘Fruits Basket’ Anime is Airing This April

The newest issue of Monthly Newtype magazine revealed that the re-adaptation is going to air this April!

The 13 Most Memorable Anime From 2018

2018 was a great year for anime fans with unique surprises and fun sequels, but what makes one memorable?

‘Spice & Wolf’ is Getting a Virtual Reality Anime

Spice & Wolf fans will have a treat to look forward to as Spicy Tails' virtual reality anime crowdfunding project is a success!

‘Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?’ is Getting a Sexy Bodybuilding Anime

Get ready to marvel at gyaru gains as Doga Kobo preps to release Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru? this summer.

‘Märchen Mädchen’ is Still Facing Production Issues a Year Later

The staff and fans of Märchen Mädchen can't catch a break.

‘Free!’ Anime is Getting an All-New Film in 2020

Kyoto Animation's love affair with the Free! franchise is continuing with an all-new that will debut in summer 2020 -- just in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympics!

Your Guide to Legally Watching Winter’s Biggest Anime

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The 15 Retro Anime Japan Wants to See Remade

Remakes allow a new generation of fans to enjoy retro anime with updated visuals and, hopefully, a more complete adaptation of the story!

‘Kaguya-sama: War is Love’ is this Season’s Must-Watch Rom-Com

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is looking to cement itself as this season's must-watch romance!

NGT48 Idol Apologizes For Speaking About Her Assault

Earlier this week, NGT48 idol Maho Yamaguchi broke her silence about being assaulted at home by two men.