Are your bones ready for the second season of Overlord? A brand new promo video was released teasing the adaptations of ‘The Lizard Man Heroes’ and ‘The Men in the Kingdom’ arcs.

Overlord Season 2

‘The Lizard Man Heroes’ arc comprises volume 4 of the Overlord light novel. A ruthless army of death led by Cocytus invades a peaceful village of the Lizardmen. The tribe rises to protect their loved ones in a ferocious battle while Cocytus gathers data for an “experiment” of Ainz.

‘The Men in the Kingdom’ arc comprises volumes 5 and 6 of the Overlord light novel. The Re-Estize Kingdom is threatened by the “Eight Fingers” criminal organization. Ainz dispatches the butler Sebas Tian to gather information on the kingdom. Sebas Tian crosses paths with an Ardent soldier named Climb and a broken warrior named Brain Unglaus. The three men will face the Eight Fingers in their own way.

Overlord Season 2

Madhouse revealed season two during the screening of the Overlord: The Dark Warrior compilation movie. Season 2 will debut in January 2018, which will feature season one’s production staff and voice cast.

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