‘Overlord’ Novel Series Enters a Year-Long Hiatus

Volume 13 of the Overlord novel series confirmed that Madhouse will return to produce the anime’s third season. The studio worked on the previous two season and two compilation films.

Overlord II

Author Kugane Maruyama also said that volume 13 will be the only Overlord book of the year. The volume brings an end to ‘The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc,’ and will include the largest page count of all the books. Maruyama commented that he plans to release volume 14 sometime in 2019.

Overlord III will debut in July. The staff hasn’t confirmed which parts will be adapted, but the next arcs in the light novel are The Invaders of the Large Tomb, The Two Leaders, and The Magic Caster of Destroy arcs.


Maruyama and artist so-bin have been working on Overlord since July 2012. The series is set in Yggdrasil, which was a popular virtual reality MMO. One day, Momonga decides to sign-in before the game shutdowns, but he finds himself trapped as his avatar. Even odder is that the NPCs begin to act independently and develop emotions of their own. Mononga decides to conquer the world of Yggdrasil instead of finding a way to go back to his unfulfilling life in the real world.


Madhouse has been adapting Overlord since 2015.

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