“Overlord” Artist Shares Amazing Art Work on Social Media

So-bin is one of the most popular light novel illustrators thanks to their distinct art style and character designs.

While known for illustrating the Overlord light, he also maintains a social media presence by sharing fanart and bonus drawings on Twitter.


Hatsune Miku


Aura Bella Fiora (Overlord)


Shuten Douji (Fate/Grand Order)


Yorha no. 2 Type B (Nier: Automata)


The Order Grande (Granblue Fantasy)


Clementine (Overlord)


Narumeia (Granblue Fantasy)


Reaper (Overwatch)


Laguna (Granblue Fantasy)


D.Va (Overwatch)


Emilia (Re:Zero)


Megumin (KonoSuba)


Mumei (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)


Shaltear Bloodfallen (Overlord)


Jessica (Granblue Fantasy)


Sen (Granblue Fantasy)


Mercedes (Odin Sphere)


You can stay up to date with so-bin’s art on Twitter, Tumblr, personal blog, and new chapters of the Overlord light novel.

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