Noragami Manga Enters Extended Hiatus Due to Author’s Health

There is no timetable for the manga's return.

Kodansha shared some bad news for Noragami fans: the manga is entering extended hiatus because Adachitoka (the duo behind the series) needs more time to recover from an illness. The editorial staff said that they do not have a timetable for Adachitoka’s recovery.


The manga’s 75th chapter was missing from last month’s issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine, marking the first time the series took a break. Kodansha said the unexpected hiatus was due to “circumstances,” but has know revealed that at least one member of the duo is suffering from an unnamed illness.

Noragami has been serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine since December 2010. The series centers around Yato, a minor god of calamity who is homeless due to a lack of a shrine and followers. In order to establish his own shrine, Yato charges five yen to perform tasks for people. He encounters a girl named Hiyori Iki, whose soul frequently slips out of her body, and a wandering spirit named Yukine. Yato offers to return Hiyori back to normal…but for a price.


Studio Bones has adapted Noragami into a two-season anime series. Season one aired in Winter 2014 and season two aired in Fall 2015. We wish Adachitoka a speedy recovery.

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