‘Non Non Biyori Vacation’ Anime Movie Hits Okinawa’s Beaches This August

Renge and her friends are prepping for a summer getaway to Okinawa in the upcoming Non Non Biyori Vacation anime movie.

The movie is an adaptation of the manga’s “Okinawa Trip Arc,” which features the cast leaving the quiet countryside for a short vacation at in Okinawa. Non Non Biyori Vacation will open in Japanese theaters on August 25th.

The staff and cast from the anime’s previous two seasons are returning for the movie.

Non Non Biyori is an ongoing seinen, slice of life manga written by Atto. The story takes place in a quiet countryside village, whose only school has one classroom. Hotaru is a 5th grader who transfers into the school from Tokyo due to her dad’s work. Her classmates include Renge (a sassy 1st grader), Natsumi (a rebellious 1st-year middle schooler), Komari (an innocent 2nd-year middle schooler), Suguru (a quiet 3rd-year middle schooler).

Non Non Biyori Vacation

SILVER LINK has adapted the manga into a two-season anime (totaling 24 episodes) and 2 OVA specials. The anime is known for its soothing soundtrack, calming visuals, and snappy comedy involving Renge’s sarcasm.

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