‘Nisekoi’ is Getting a Live-Action Film in Time for Christmas

Weekly Shonen Jump revealed that Naoshi Komi’s Nisekoi is getting a live-action film that will open this December.


Komi’s best-selling rom-com manga centers around Raku Ichijou, who is the heir to a powerful yakuza family. Raku is forced into a false relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki, who is the heiress to a rival crime family, as a way to prevent a turf war. This false relationship forces Raku to hid his feelings for Kosaki Onodera and to delay the search for the “promise girl” that possesses the key to unlock his locket.

Komi originally wrote Nisekoi as a one-shot in 2011, but it was chosen for serialization later that same year. The manga ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from November 2011 to August 2016 for 229 chapters.


Shaft has produced a two-season anime adaptation, which features 32 episodes and 4 OVAs. There has been no announcement for a third season.

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