‘Nisekoi’ Creator is Back with a New Manga About Video Games

Naoshi Komi created the hit manga Nisekoi and it propelled him towards becoming a household name after it sold over 4 million copies and Shaft’s anime adaptation became a fan favorite.


Komi may be known for creating Nisekoi but he has long been the king of emotional one-shot manga since his 2007 debut.


Tokidoki (2016)

Tokidoki Oneshot Komi

Double Arts (2008)

Island (2007)

Island One Shot Manga


Komi’s latest one-shot e No Genten: Starting Point is a throwback to Komi’s earlier works, which focused on two different personalities working towards a similar goal and exploring self-doubt.

e No Genten: Starting Point


e No Genten: Starting Point explores e-sports, which is gaining more popularity in Japan. Komi injects his signature art style and character foils into a trend that younger audiences are familiar with.

e No Genten: Starting Point

e No Genten: Starting Point follows Takumi Tomouchi, a high school boy who loves gaming. While dedicating his time towards mastering a fighting game, he crosses paths with Satsuki Minahara. While Satsuki is driven in life, Takumi is aimless – but they both love competitive gaming.

e No Genten: Starting Point

Oh, and you may experience some feels in this story. Komi loves playing with your emotions and it’s a running theme in all his work.

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