Nintendo Reveals ARMS Character And People Are SHOOK

Nintendo held an ARMS-focused Nintendo Direct yesterday where they unveiled new details about their motion-controlled fighter game for the Switch.

They featured customization, multiplayer mode, and a Global Test Punch demo during during the weekends of May 26-28 and June 2-4. But none of that is important to us right now because we have our priorities straight.


The only thing that’s important is Twintelle. The perfect girl: she’s a beauty, she has hair drills, she’s #THICC, and she looks like she can punch you through a wall without breaking a sweat.

Youtuber Etika’s reaction to the character reveal sums up the collective eyegasm the community experienced last night:

We are all people of culture here. Let’s all take some time to appreciate Twintelle.

Nina Pangan
GB's Community Manager and Lady of Memes and ShItposts, First of Her Name, The Yuri Shipper, Liaison of the Otakus and the Weebs, Neko Cuddler and Lover of Dragons
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