NGT48 Idol’s Assault Rumored to be Caused by Bandmates

NGT48 fans are in an uproar after Maho Yamaguchi spoke out about an alleged assault that place on December 8, 2018. It has led to damning condemnations centering around the group and manager Etsuro Imamura.

Maho Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi took a sudden hiatus from the group in December and she recently appeared on Showroom, which is a live stream that allows fans to interact with NGT48 members.

Yamaguchi told fans that her drastic weight loss about “an incident” that caused her hiatus. Without going into detail, she claimed that other NGT48 members weren’t being punished for leaking her personal details. She told fans that she could have died during this event and that management wasn’t doing anything to resolve it. After four minutes, her live stream was abruptly cut off.

Not to be deterred, Yamaguchi took to Twitter to share what happened: she was assaulted by two men outside of her home. The two men allegedly grabbed her face and knocked her to the ground. During the assault, the men taunted that one of her groupmates gave them her apartment’s address and room number. Yamaguchi continued that she doesn’t want to cause drama for NGT48, but the event has left her traumatized and betrayed if a groupmate did, in fact, reveal her address.

NGT48 is one of the industry’s most popular groups and they attract all kinds of fans.

One man pinned Yamaguchi to the ground and covered her mouth, but the sound of an elevator caught their attention, giving Yamaguchi a chance to flee.

Yamaguchi contacted the police, and the two men were arrested. Despite having stolen her phone, the suspects denied the assault. They claimed they “only wanted to talk to Yamaguchi and didn’t think it was a big deal.” After a series of interviews, the police let the suspects go without any charges.

Idols never publically share their addresses, and it can only be discovered through stalking or gaining insider information. Yamaguchi hasn’t publically accused any NGT48 member of the incident, but fans believe that it may have been Rika Nakai.

Yamaguchi and Nakai are members of NGT48’s Team G. Rumors of bad blood between them have been bubbling — and some fans think that Yamaguchi may have snubbed Nakai after sharing praise for Team G by not including her in a picture.

Yamaguchi Maho

Yamaguchi attempted the qual the rumor, but Nakai Tweeted a message that was critical of Yamaguchi’s live stream. In the now-deleted Tweet, Nakai said, “So is getting into love affairs the right choice, instead?”

Yamaguchi’s story has been gaining traction within the Japanese media, and more details may be uncovered in due time.

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