NGT48 Idol Apologizes For Speaking About Her Assault

Earlier this week, NGT48 idol Maho Yamaguchi broke her silence about being assaulted at home by two men. They were arrested, but following interviews with the police were released without any charges.

Yamaguchi talked about the event during a live stream and on Twitter, venting her frustration about management’s lack of action. She insinuated that another NGT48 idol gave the men her personal information, which led to the assault. However, she asked fans not to think ill of the group and to continue their support.

The timing of Yamaguchi’s Tweet storm came before NGT48’s third-anniversary celebration of their theatre venue in Niigata City. Yamaguchi performed mid-way through the show before shocking fans with an apology.

Fighting back tears, Yamaguchi said, “recently, I caused a large commotion and I am sincerely sorry.”

Fans attempted to interrupt the apology by shouting, “You didn’t do anything wrong!” However, Yamaguchi continued on by stating, “As I explained the other day, there are people I want to protect, and so I ended talking about the things I did. This has caused trouble for people who have helped and supported me, and I would like to apologize for that.”

Yamaguchi finished, “I want to continue working hard as vice-captain of Team G and hope this can be the start of taking NGT48 in a new direction. I hope you’ll all continue to support NGT48.”

Shortly after, NGT48 management confirmed that another idol gave the men Yamaguchi’s information, but that it may have been an accident. The unnamed idol didn’t know Yamaguchi’s address, but she was familiar with her daily routine — which was enough for them to track Yamaguchi down.

They also revealed that a third man was involved in planning Yamaguchi’s assault and that all three were banned from NGT48 events. It’s a small consolation since charges were never pressed.

Yamaguchi Maho

NGT48 management will also provide all of their idols with extra security, including instating patrols around their homes and issuing pocket-sized crime alert sirens. They regret that Yamaguchi had to break the news of her own assault, but they are taking steps to provide extra protection and will provide psychological support.

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