Netflix Will Pay You for Binge Watching if You Speak Japanese

Being paid to binge-watch shows and movies is a dream job – you’re literally getting paid for your weekend hobby!

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Netflix put out a job opening for an editorial analyst of original content. Applicants will be required to “watch, research, tag, annotate, and write analysis for movie and TV content.” Basically, Netflix is hiring people to binge and share their opinions about their original content.

Most readers meet the basic requirements – willing to binge, share their opinions, and binge some more. However, there is a big hurdle…you need to be fluent in Japanese. Going by the responsibilities, applicants will need to proficient in listening and writing.

Netflix anime

While the position will be based out of Netflix’s Los Angeles offices, it seems like a hiring move to improve their Japanese services. Online streaming grew 12% last year in Japan, but Netflix is ranked last in market share. This past year, the streaming giant has been teasing new Japanese content, which includes anime like B: The Beginning and live-action adaptations like ERASED.

Netflix has nearly 700 new originals coming out this year and you could get a sneak preview if you have the Japanese skills.

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