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Netflix has announced new plans to their content creation strategy! Today, the streaming service revealed that they will spend $8 billion towards producing 30 new anime series and 80 original movies in 2018. This is up from their $6 billion spending projections.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos specifically mentioned that anime and original movies will receive the lion’s share of the $8 billion as opposed to live-action series like Stranger Things or Western animation like Big Mouth. Original movies include English, Korean, and Japanese titles as they aim to aggressively expand into South Korea and Japan.

Earlier this year, Netflix revealed that anime (both original and catalog licenses) is one of the more popular mediums with their users – especially younger subscribers. They also revealed that 90% of their anime viewers come from outside of Japan, which is due to greater legal access to anime in Japan.

‘Blame!’ is one of Netflix’s first anime original movies, which was created due to their relationship with Polygon Pictures.

Netflix did not clarify how much of the 30 new anime will be original produced works (A.I.C.O. -Incarnation- B: The Beginning / Blame!) or exclusive licenses (Fate/Apocrypha Kakegurui – Compulsive GamblerChildren of the Whales).


Over the past few months, Netflix has debut “anime-esque” series like Castlevania and Neo Yokio, highlighting their desire to blend Japanese and Western sensibilities. Netflix will reveal their new anime projects throughout the year.

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