‘Nanbaka’ Manga Begins its Fourth Story Arc

Here’s a bit of a screwball: the Nanbaka manga is simultaneously alive and dead. Basically, it’s Schrödinger’s Manga.

For the good news, Nanbaka is entering its fourth arc, which will begin in chapter 223. Shou Futamata will continue to publish new chapters on the Comico manga app.

The confusing news is related to Nanbaka‘s physical release. Futabasha is listing the 8th compiled volume as the finale, despite it being the end of the first arc. Futabasha hasn’t made it clear if they will continue to publish print copies or if they are dropping it.

Futamata launched Nanbaka in 2013. It’s a wild action-comedy series that takes place in the world’s largest prison. Four inmates attempt to break out, cause trouble for Officer Hajime, and kill time as they serve out their sentences.


Satelight produced a 25 episode adaptation that aired in 2017.

SOURCEShou Futamata's Official Twitter Account
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