Musical ‘Sound! Euphonium’ Series Gets New Novel About Seniors & Alumni

Ayano Takeda revealed that she will release a novel in her hit Sound! Euphonium series. Sound! Euphonium ~True Stories~ (Hibike! Euphonium ~Honto no Hanashi~), which will be released on April 5, will be a short story collection about alumni and freshmen.

Takeda did give more in-depth teases about what each short story will contain:

“The Ensemble Contest” will highlight the Kitauji High School’s concert band club’s parting performance to club president Yuuko Yoshikawa.

“You Leap, and I Look Upon Your Back” (“Tobitatsu Kimi no Se o Miageru”) will showcase the graduations of Yuuko Yoshikawa, Natsuki Nakagawa, Nozomi Kasaki, and Mizore Yoroizuka. This story will be set after the “Turbulent Second Movement” books and the new anime movies.

“A Nostalgic Dream” (“Kyoushuu no Yume”) will return to band director Noboru Taki and Satomi Niiyama’s trip to the conservatory.

“Cotton Handkerchief” (“Momen no Handkerchief”) will feature Takuya Goto traveling to Tokyo.

Sound! Euphonium

The collection will also have stories about Kitauji High School alumni Asuka Tanaka, Kaori Nakaseko, Haruka Ogasawara, and Aoi Saitou. There will also be a story about Ririka Kenzaki and the new freshmen during their vacation.

Takeda released the first book in 2013 and has written eight other volumes. Kyoto Animation has produced a two-season anime, two compilation films, and are currently producing two new theatrical films.

Aaron Magulick
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