More than Half of Young Animators in Japan Need Help to Survive

By now, most of the anime community is aware of the financial struggles plaguing the anime studios and breaking news regularly backs the claims.

The Association to Support Young Industry Animators (AEYAC) is an organization that supports the career and skill development of young animators. Recently, they released the preliminary results of a survey revealing information about the living situation of younger animators.

Out of 44 participating animators, 12 (27%) still live in their family home. 32 (72%) of the participants do not live at home, however, of those 32, 11 (25%) receive financial assistance from their families. This means a little more than half (53%) of the participants are receiving some kind of economic assistance from their families just to survive in the anime industry. In addition, 19 (43%) of those who are not living in their family home responded that they had to cut down savings for survival and 10 (23%) responded that they had no savings.

The average age of the participants is 23.2 years with an average of 17 months of experience. This further goes to show why the anime industry is facing a shortage of animators and why second seasons are not being created.

Nate Lou
I'm your neighborhood anime news reporter! I'll be setting up shop to bring you all news on anime, video games, and other happenings within the industry!
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