Monogatari’s “Monster Season” to Star an Older Cast

Shinobumonogatari will star a 23-year-old Koyomi Araragi!

It looks like Monogatari fans don’t have to wait much longer for the latest light novel season to start! According to an Amazon listingShinobumonogatari will release on July 15 and will kick off the “Monster Season”

Shinobumonogatari was first teased in Musubimonogatari.

Shinobumonogatari was teased in Musubimonogatari, which revealed that the book will feature a 23-year-old Koyomi Araragi working as a police officer. An official description of Shinobumonogatari says, “What of the one who named the legendary occurrences that Koyomi Araragi confronted? Don’t miss the tip of the blade that has long endured submission, yet still shines.”

NisiOisin concluded Monogatari‘s “Final Season” in September 2015 with Zokuowarimonogatari, which has not been animated by Shaft. All recent Monogatari books fall under “Off Season,” which are stories that fill in the gaps of the main series and expands on character backgrounds.


Are you hyped for the next installment of Monogatari?

Aaron Magulick
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