Mix of Youjo Senki Anime and LN Styles Create Gorgeous Fanart

What better way to say farewell to this badass loli than to indulge ourselves in some amazing fan art.

Kawacy on DeviantArt created a set of Youjo Senki fan art, using both art styles of the original light novel and its Winter 2017 adaptation.

“Rot in Hell”

This piece is inspired by the combat sequences in the first episode of the anime adaptation.


“Let Them Come”

Let Them Come is inspired by Chapter 11 of the Youjo Senki manga, where Tanya is starting to doubt her manliness after being stuck in the body of a little girl for so long.



This romantic scene is also based on a panel in the 11th chapter of the manga where Visha is perplexed by Tanya’s actions.


“Please Wait”

This may look like wishful thinking on the part of fans and shippers, but this is actually based on one of the official bonus scenes in the anime:

Did you enjoy watching Youjo Senki? Here’s to hoping we get another season!

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