Mickey Mouse Gets a Manga Makeover For “Spring Manga Festival”

Japan LOVES Disney and everything related to Mickey Mouse. To highlight this, manga publisher Kodansha has teamed up with Tokyo Disneyland for the Spring Manga Festival.

Kodansha has asked some of their most popular artists to draw Mickey Mouse for special book covers. Here are the five special illustrations:

Hajime Isayama – Attack on TitanMickey Mouse (Hajime Isayama - Attack on Titan)



Hikaru Nakamura – Arakawa Under the BridgeMickey Mouse (Hikaru Nakamura - Arakawa Under the Bridge)



Yuki Suetsugu – ChihayafuruMickey Mouse (Yuki Suetsugu - Chihayafuru)



Oh! Great – Air GearMickey Mouse (Oh! Great - Air Gear)



Tsutomu Nihei – Blame!Mickey Mouse (Tsutomu Nihei - Blame!)


Pretty cool, right? The book covers will be given to customers who purchase Kodansha-published manga during the Spring Manga Festival, which ends on April 19. Two caveats though: they’re only available at Japanese retailers and the covers are given away at random.

Yep, much like gatch mechanics, you have no choice in which rare book cover you’ll receive. Better pony up or admire the art from afar.

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