Michael B. Jordan Gets Trolled on Twitter For Loving Mainstream Anime

Right now, Michael B. Jordan is one of the coolest actors in Hollywood. He’s enjoying praise for his charismatic role as Killmonger in Black Panther, brags that his parents live with him, and his anime obsession is out in the open.

All of the above points in the mainstream are cool..except for his apparent taste in anime. While people were fawning over Jordan, one scorned Twitter user couldn’t believe the actor was considered attractive despite having “undesirable traits” that more common men have.


Jordan felt the need to set the record straight. First of all, he’s 6’0” and the truth is that his parents live with him. He doubled-down on housing his parents while knocking back some hot wings on the interview show Hot Ones.


Unsurprisingly, Jordan giving a shoutout to Goku and Naruto for being real ones upset a few anime gatekeepers. Quick, no one tell them that One Punch Man is Jordan’s top anime pick!



Jordan is an unashamed Naruto and Bleach fan, which can be seen on his Twitter feed dating back to 2011. He does claim to be obsessed with anime and told Oprah that he spends his free time binge-watching new series, so he could have just named a pair of iconic shows that even his most casual fans would know.

On the other hand, anime fans love testing another fans “knowledge and passion” of the medium. Next time, Jordan should walk the red carpet with a Saeko Nogami dakimakura while handing out copies of Doki Doki School Hours.

Your friendly Canadian writer @GoBoiano. Expect to see movies & live action coverage from my side of the field!
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