Manga’s Most Stylish & Mysterious Creator: Sui Ishida

Few art styles are as instantly recognizable as Sui Ishida’s work.

Ishida has gained legions of fans for his digital art, which has a watercolor type effect when colored and bold lines when in black-and-white. It also helps that cast of Tokyo Ghoul is stylish, with many characters looking like they are wearing high-end fashion labels.

Despite having a large readership and over a million followers on Twitter, not much is known about Ishida’s personal life.


Ishida’s Claim to Fame

Ishida exploded onto the scene in 2010 when his Tokyo Ghoul one-shot came in second place at the Weekly Young Jump 113th Grand Prix. Fans were impressed with the story about a college student struggling to maintain his human life despite being a half-ghoul, and Shueisha would later commission the series for a full run.

Tokyo Ghoul ran from 2011 to 2014 for 144 chapters. It would receive a light novel and an anime adaption, with Ishida writing a brief prequel manga titled Tokyo Ghoul [Jack].


In 2014, it was revealed that he would work on a sequel titled Tokyo Ghoul:re, which featured a time skip. It’s currently ongoing and is receiving an anime adaptation.

Fans quickly fell in love with Tokyo Ghoul for Ishida’s artwork and world building. The series builds out Ghoul society and how the flesh eaters try to blend in the human world. Concurrently, it shows humanity trying to eradicate the Ghouls.


The lynchpin of the series is Ken Kaneki, a college student who became a half-ghoul after a lifesaving surgery. His duality of maintaining a human identity while being forced into Ghoul society captivated fans and has them fully invested in his dark journey.


Shrouded in Mystery

Tokyo Ghoul is an international phenomenon and has gained Ishida millions of fans. However, much of his life is a mystery. No one has seen Ishida’s face, nor is his age known. For the longest time, it was believed that Tokyo Ghoul was his first ever project.

A little digging reveals that Ishida worked on two webcomics before Tokyo Ghoul – 2009’s The Tale of Longing for Sex and 2010’s THE PENISMAN. Yeah, Ishida worked on pervy stories, but they are nearly impossible to find since he deleted his Pixiv account.

Ishida’s other works include a parody series titled School of Ghoul and a one-shot of Hunter x Hunter‘s Hisoka.


Social Media Presence


Ishida maintains personal privacy, but that doesn’t stop him from interacting with fans on social media. The mangaka loves sharing illustrations and updates on Tokyo Ghoul.

He also draws fanart, including a sketch of Olympic gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu.


Ishida also tweets humous gifs to a dedicated fan called SuiHaveANiceDay.

How can you hate Ishida? You can stay up to date with Ishida’s shenanigans and art posts on Twitter.

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