Mangaka Suffers Major Heart Attack Then Apologizes to Fans for Delay

Mangaka Yuki Hijiri revealed to fans that he is recovering from a major health scare which caused a sudden hiatus to his Choujin Locke (Locke the Superman) manga series.

Hijiri underwent surgery in December to clear up a chronic sinus infection, but things went south after he collapsed at the hospital and suffered a heart attack. He needed to be resuscitated, which signaled that he was at least unconscious and was possibly dead for a brief moment.

After being successfully resuscitated, Hijiri fell into a coma and then underwent heart surgery. He was hospitalized for two months and just recently left the hospital. Hijiri also told fans that he needs to undergo daily rehab to regain full motor control over his body, which will lead to an extended hiatus to Locke the Superman.

Locke the Superman

Hijiri apologized for worrying fans since he hasn’t been able to share the news until recently. He also apologized for the sudden hiatus to Locke the Superman and any delays to future art collections.

Hijiri has been working on Locke the Superman since 1967 as a doujin series. He was publishing two series at the time of his health scare – Choujin Locke Kagami no Ori (Locke the Superman: The Mirror Chamber) in the Young King Ours magazine and Choujin Locke Gaia no Kiba (Locke the Superman: The Fang of Gaia) in the Monthly Comic Flapper magazine.

The saga stars an immortal esper named Locke who struggles against various forms of evil as he observes humanity’s evolution during their cosmic era. He has no recollection of his past and will take on situations his heart can’t ignore.

Locke the Superman

Locke the Superman has inspired two anime movies and two OVA series, all of which are relatively obscure outside of Japan.

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