Manga Meltdown: Today 6 Series Announce They’re Ending

Today has been a little rough for manga fans because at least six different series have announced that they will be ending soon. This biggest announcement is ReLIFE, which will end this March!

Here are the other manga that had their end dates announced:



Mangaka Yayoiso announced that she will end ReLIFE with its 222nd chapter, which will be published on March 16. Last year, Yayoiso told fans she was planning on ending ReLIFE sometime in March 2018.

ReLIFE follows Arata Kaizaki, a single and unemployed 27-year old man who has just been financially cut off from his parents. After a night of drinking, Arata meets a mysterious man who offers Arata pills that will temporarily turn him into a 17-year old. Arata agrees to participate in the de-aging experiment and enrolls in a high school to relive his youth.

The popular seinen web manga received a 13 episode adaptation from TMS Entertainment in 2016. A 4 episode OVA adapting the manga’s final arc will ship on March 21.



Kadokawa announced that relucy’s adaptation of Chaos;Child will end on March 24 with the shipping of volumes three and four. Relucy began working on the adaptation in December 2015.

Chaos;Child is the fourth entry to the popular Science Adventure series of light novels, which includes Steins;Gate and Robotics;Note. The story takes place six years after Chaos;Head and centers around a series of mysterious deaths plaguing Shibuya. Takuru Miyashiro discovers that the dates of the murders match those of the New Generation Madness incidents, which prompts him to delve deeper into the mysterious with his school’s newspaper club.

The visual novel was adapted into a 13 episode anime by Silver Link in 2017.



Futabasha’s Action Magazine revealed that Rensuke Oshikiri’s Gyanprin series will end on February 20. The gambling manga launched in August 2016 and inspired a smartphone game that launched in May 2017.

Gyanprin follows the daily lives of four women who love gambling and maintaining a self-indulgent lifestyle.



Kadokawa revealed that Sawji Ishida’s manga adaptation of Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO (YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World) will end on March 15 with its second volume.

YU-NO is an adult visual novel from 1996 centers around Takuya as he travels between various parallel worlds to search for his parents. A two-cour anime adaptation is planned to air later this year.


5Zero Angel ~The Clear Blue Fallen Angel~

Shonengahosha revealed that Kia Asamiya’s Zero Angel series will end on April 28 with its fourth manga volume.

Asamiya launched Zero Angel in March 2016 and is based on their earlier Aika ga Hashiru! Bijo-ning Car Drive!! web series. This newer series centers around Aika Misaki, a high schooler who is undefeated in street racing. Aika’s car of choice is the Subaru WRX STi.


6The Witch’s House – The Diary of Ellen

Kadokawa revealed that  Yuna Kagesaki’s The Witch’s House manga will end after only nine chapters, which will be published tomorrow. Kagesaki is known for creating Chibi Vampire and Aion.

The Witch’s House – The Diary of Ellen is based on the Majo no Ie – Ellen no Nikki novel, which serves as a prequel to the Majo no Ie puzzle game. The story details Ellen’s past and how she became a witch.


Are any of your favorites ending soon?

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