Manga & Light Novel Artists Say Sales Increase Due to Piracy Site’s Closing

In April, the popular manga piracy site Mangamura shut down as it became the subject of a police investigation.


Since the site’s closing, various manga artists have spoken out claiming that sales of their series have increased. While none of the artists gave concrete data, they believe that more users are turning to legal versions with the site’s closing.

Toriko Gin (Kimi wo Shinasenai tame no Storia) says her digital sales more than doubled since Mangamura’s closing. Hika Mayama (Yoru no Himitsu wa Sensei to) shared, “Really, my royalties have increased 4-5 times! Even when it isn’t free, you all are reading it! I’m crying right now!”

Konohana Kitan

Sakuya Amano (Konohana KitanGosick) wrote that official manga websites have been experiencing increased traffic, though he didn’t state examples or figures. Yoshitoshi Abe (Serial Experiments Lain) and Mitsuru Yuuki (Shonen Onmyouji) shared their joy and thanked fans for legally supporting favorite titles.

Light novel author Akinori Satake (Gyaku Seichou Cheat de Sekai Saikyou) said that his book sales have also increased. He also attack a key piracy talking point. Satake said that pirates falsely claim that illegal sites increases name recognization and that no one would buy something they could get for free. He believes that those are just “convenient excuses” and that the growing sales since Mangamura’s closing can serve as a counter-point.


The news comes admist Shogakukan’s anti-piracy campaign. They believe that spreading awareness of legal digital opitions can help eradicate the popularity of piracy.

SOURCEAnime! Anime!
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