Manga About Online Disputes is Canceled due to Actually Starting Controversy

Who doesn’t love a good internet flame session? A troll lays done some bait and unsuspecting victims fall for it, leading to wasted hours (or days) of fighting.

Honjitsu Watashi wa Enjou Shimashita

That was pretty much the premise of Honjitsu Watashi wa Enjou Shimashita (Today I Went Up in Flames). It follows a high school girl who intentionally shitposts and creates provocative content that causes flame wars. She does this for internet fame and money.

It turns out that Dogeza, the series creator, was writing from experience. The editorial department of Houbunsha decided to cancel the manga due to Dogeza’s racist, classist, and straight-up toxic Tweets.

Dogeza was enjoying newfound fame thanks to Honjitsu Watashi wa Enjou Shimashita, which led to fans exploring his social media feeds. It turns out that Dogeza has a history of throwing around slurs towards Koreans, has a strong hatred for foreigners coming to Japan, and thinks that people on welfare are the worst. Some of these Tweets go back to 2012.

Dogeza apologized for “troubling and offending certain people” with his past Tweets. He and Houbunsha agreed that he would take a hiatus to allow things to blow over — but a good shitposter can’t quit.

Shortly after his month hiatus ended, Dogeza went on the offensive and launched a series of hate-filled Tweets and sarcastic replies to “offended” people for DMing him. The sudden outburst led to his Twitter account’s deletion and his manga’s cancelation.

Honjitsu Watashi wa Enjou Shimashita

Life really does imitate art.

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