‘Made in Abyss’ Compilation Films Hit Theatres in January

While you patiently wait for the Made in Abyss anime sequel, you can rest easy knowing that the first compilation film is coming soon.

Made in Abyss

That’s right, Made in Abyss: Tabidachi no Yoake is hitting theatres on January 4. The second film, Made in Abyss: Hourou Suru Tasogare will debut on January 18.

So, why is a condensed version of an anime that aired last year happening so soon? Because compilation films are a popular way to watch popular anime. Not every region in Japan get a TV broadcast and its rare for series to re-air after they end. Instead of shelling out $80 for a 2-episode disc, you can buy a ticket to see what’s hot.

Akihito Tsukushi launched the Made in Abyss manga in 2012 and has won praise for its mature story and sense of dread. The story centers around Riko, an orphan who dreams of becoming a great Cave Raider like her mother and to solve the mystery of the Abyss. The Abyss is an unexplored cave system that is home to strange creatures and artifacts. Generations of explorers have been drawn to the Abyss, but the deadly creatures and “the curse of the Abyss” leads to a high mortality rate. Despite knowing the risks, Riko is determined to descend to the bottom of the Abyss.

Made in Abyss

Kinema Citrus worked on a 13 episode adaptation that aired last summer. They are also working on the sequel and compilation films.

SOURCE'Made in Abyss' Official Website
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