Macross Frontier’s Sheryl & Nome are Releasing New Music

Can you believe that it’s been 10 years since Macross Frontier first debuted? The salacious love-triangle between Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl enthralled fans to the backdrop of catchy J-pop and intense fights.

Macross Frontier

vcbBC “Good Job!” will be released on September 26, and it will serve as Ranka and Sheryl’s first new single in seven years.

In-universe, “Good Job!” was recorded before the anime’s final battle in 2059. The song was used to promote the intergalactic part-time job magazine Space Arbeit.

The single’s B-side will feature “GO~~jus,” which is a track by Sheryl featuring May’n. Ranka fans aren’t going to be left out, because “Ranka to Brand New Peach” will be included. This song is an all-new “retro pop techno” track. All three songs are produced by series composer Yoko Kanno.

Are you ready to jam out to new Macross Frontier music?

SOURCEAnimate Times
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