Lupin the Third is Returning With a 5th Season Set in France!

The franchise felt refreshed when Anime Expo 2017 announced the return of Lupin the 3rd TV anime along with a visual!

What is Lupin the 3rd?

Lupin the Third
Lupin the 3rd Season 5 visual.

It has been 50 years since manga artist Monkey Punch lauched his first Lupin the 3rd manga chapter back in 1967.

The manga tells the story of Arsène Lupin the 3rd, a mastermind thief who loves to pull out heists along with his partner Jigen Daisuke, calm but dangerouse and not-so-friendly Ishikawa Goemon the 13th and his love interest and yet a rival Fujiko Mine.

The series recived 2 10 minute pilot films back in 1969. Later TMS Entertaiment announed a TV anime series which started airing from 1971. The first season aired 23 Episodes (originally planned for 26 Episodes).

It’s popularity led to a second season in 1977 consisting of 155 TV Episodes. Some of the episodes were directed by the great Hayao Miyazaki. Also the 2nd film of the series “Lupin the third: Castle of Cagliostro (1979)” was Hayao Miyazaki’s first film. Later in 1984 it recieved a 3rd season that ran for 50 Episodes. After 1985 the show spwanned numerouse OVAs, TV specials , and films. 17 years later in 2015, a fourth season was announced for the TV anime set in Italy. It aired for 24 Episodes in Japan and 26 Episodes in Italy.

At Anime Expo 2017 ,TMS entertaiment finally announced a 5th season for the TV anime series.

The story will be set in France. The place where Lupin’s grandfather was born.

What do you think of this season?! Will Lupin get to meet his grandfather? What kind of heists he might be pulling in france?

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