‘Love Live! Sunshine!!’ Director Considers Lawsuits to End Twitter Harassment

Love Live! Sunshine!! director Kazuo Sakai issued a stern warning to fans: Stop harassing him and his family or face legal action.

Sakai took to Twitter to tell fans that he won’t put up with harassing online messages that involve his family. He said, “I think it’s natural to receive various messages because I have a responsibility as a director. However, recently there are intolerable messages that involve my family.”  Sakai later warned that he will consider legal action if his family continues to be harassed.

Sakai may also take legal action against people that falsely use his name in Tweets and use fan accounts to pose as him. Some fan groups have set up mock Sakai and Love Live! accounts to prank people and spread false information. One group that used the Sakai Kazuo Shinetai hashtag dissolved after Sakai’s threat of legal action.

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Such fan groups have fractured the Love Live! fanbase. Some groups are set up solely to harass Sakai and send him death threats, and others purposely plan meetups to disrupt Love Live! fan events.

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  1. Although this is wrong, it’s no use swearing and cursing at those haters. Just calmly ignore them and there is a high chance of those haters backing off if you ignore them since getting angry and swearing will only make them feel satisfied of their actions. So please stop writing hate comments and curses for you will indirectly cause them to win. So stay calm at this situation.


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