‘Love Live!’ Events Could Be Canceled Due to Bad Fan Behavior

Love Live! fans, often called Love Livers, are among the most passionate fanbases in the world. Love Livers are known for flocking to pilgrimage sites, sell-out concerts, and snatch up ever limited edition copy of the anime. They are also frequently scolded by the franchise’s staff for being “obnoxious and embarrassing.”

Love Live!

The Love Live! official website was updated with a stern warning: poor behavior at public venues reflect badly on the franchise’s staff and cast, which will lead to canceled events if fans don’t get their act together.

This warning came after a pair of viral videos showed disruptive behavior of a group that attended a Love Live! Sunshine!! event at Akihabara DX on December 22nd.

Attendees complained that a raucous group was disrupting the event with screaming, jumping, and waving large glow-sticks. Most attendees petitioned to have the group banned from other events, but the Love Live! staff felt the need to warn the fandom in general.

The staff has warned event attendees in the past and reminded fans that blocking pedestrian traffic, clogging entrance ways, shouting, taking pictures and videos without prior permission, and stalking cast members are strictly prohibited.

Love Live! Sunshine!!

This is the second warning Love Livers received from the franchise’s staff this month! The staff had to warn pilgrims visiting Numazu and Uchiura (two locations found in Sunshine!!) to stop pestering the locals and to stop taking photos of private homes, the school, and students without permission to avoid legal trouble.

While Lover Livers have been scolded before, this is the first time the staff has threatened to cancel future live events.

Update: You can find a fully translated version of the staff’s notice here via the Love Live! Wikia Twitter account:


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