‘Land of the Lustrous’ Cast Gets Stunning Gem Cards by Ekita

Fan artists fell in love with the style Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni), and the community has been pumping out art at an insane clip!

Land of the Lustrous

One such artist is Ekita, who has created detailed character cards for some of the cast. Not only do they feature Ekita’s beautiful artwork, but stats based on the character and the real-life gem are also showcased.


1Phosphophyllite paired with all gems.



2Antarcticite paired with Phosphophyllite.



3Cinnabar paired with Phosphophyllite.



4Diamond paired with Bortz.



5Bortz paired with Diamond.



6Rutile paired with Padparadscha.



7Lapis Lazuli paired with Phosphophyllite



You can actually buy these cards from Ekita’s storefront on Taobao, which is like a Chinese eBay – here is a shopping guide for anyone interested.

Land of the Lustrous


You can see more of Ekita’s art on Pixiv and Weibo.

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