KyoAni’s ‘Free! Dive to the Future’ Debuts this July

The swimming boys of Free! are heading to college in the third season of KyoAni’s original series. Free! Dive to the Future will tell the “college student arc” of the returning cast, which will air in July.

Free! Dive to the Future will follow the boys as they go off to college. Haruka and Makoto move to Tokyo, but a reunion with Asahi reawakens middle school memories within Haruka. Meanwhile, Rin has an unexpected meeting in Sydney that may change his future.

The anime’s previous voice cast will reprise their roles, and much of the previous production staff will work on Free! Dive to the Future. Eisaku Kawanami (Free! -Take Your Marks-) will serve as the series’ new director.


Free! has been one of KyoAni’s most successful franchises since its launch in 2013. The franchise focuses on a group of friends that are members of the Iwatobi High School swim club, and it has so far inspired two anime season, two compilations films, prequel film, and a sequel film.

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