KyoAni Previews an All-New ‘Violet Evergarden’ Episode

Kyoto Animation released a new trailer for an “extra episode” for Violet Evergarden. The episode will be bundled with the anime’s fourth home video volume, which will ship on July 4. TRUE’s song “Letter” is featured in the trailer.

The episode will focus on a letter request from an opera house songstress and takes place during the time gap between episode 4 and 5. Attendees of the “Violet Evergarden Film & Concert” event in Tokyo will watch an early screening of the episode on July 1. Members of the anime’s staff and cast will also be at the event.

Violet Evergarden focuses on Violet, an orphan who works as a ghostwriter at CH Postal Services. Before becoming an Auto Memory Doll, Violet was a child soldier who showcased great fighting ability. However, after losing her arms and memories, Violet sets out to become a letter writer to discover the meaning of the words “I love you.”

Violet Evergarden first gained notoriety when it became the first and only entry to win the grand prize in the Kyoto Animation Award program. Kana Akatsuki wrote the award-winning concept, which was later picked up for publication by KyoAni. Two novels and a side story collection have been published – all featuring illustrations by Akiko Takase.

Violet Evergarden

KyoAni has produced a 14-episode adaptation of Violet Evergarden, which airs on Netflix.

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