KyoAni is Producing Their First Ever Historical Anime

Kyoto Animation announced that their latest anime, following Tsurune, will be 20 Seiki Denki Mokuroku (20th Century Electricity Catalog).

The anime is an adaptation of Hiro Yuki’s book. It won an honorable mention prize at the 8th Kyoto Animation Awards and was the only entry to win anything.

The novel takes place in 1907, during the Meiji era. 15-year-old Inako lives under the rule of her father, who is a sake brewer in Fushimi. While visiting the Fushimi Inari shrine, she meets a free-spirited boy named Kihachi. Their views on life couldn’t be any different: Inako accepts old-fashioned traditions while Kihachi embraces progress.

One day, the topic of marriage enters Inako’s household and she’s filled with feelings for Kihachi. They decide to run away to save Inako from an arranged marriage, but the key is in the “Electricity Catalog.” This missing book is filled with predictions about electricity that Kihachi wrote, but his older brother took it — which led to their disappearances. The two travel across Kyoto Shiga to find this book of wonders.

KyoAni will share more details at a later time.

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