KyoAni Awards Hands Out a Prize For 1st Time in 3 Years

The Kyoto Animation Awards are notoriously strict in handing out prizes in their yearly talent search. At this year’s award, Kyoto Animation gave out one award: an Honorary Encouragement Prize for Hiroshi Yuuki’s 20th Century Electric Catalog.

Kyoto Animation

In fact, Kyoto Animation created the encouragement prize this year to honor works that, while not meeting their standards of creativity and enthusiasm, should still be recognized for their quality. They chose 20th Century Electric Catalog for its convincing characters and setting while praising its insightful take on modern culture.

This was the first award handed out since 2014, which is when Kana Akatsuki’s Violet Evergarden won the first ever Grand Prize. Violet Evergarden

Previous award winners include:

  • Love, Chuniybo & Other Delusions – Honorable Mention
  • Free! – Honorable Mention
  • Beyond the Boundary – Honorable Mention
  • Santa Clause’s Friend – Honorable Mention
  • Yesterday’s Love is Today’s Dream – Honorable Mention

KyoAni is one tough customer.

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