‘Kud Wafter’ Film Raises $700,000 & Gets Global Distribution

The Kud Wafter anime movie continues to be a crowdfunding success after it’s Japanese campaign raised 78 million yen ($688,000) to create this spin-off movie. Now the project has met its international crowdfunding goal of 3 million yen ($26,448) in just five days. This milestone means Kud Wafter will have English subtitles and global distribution.

Kud Wafter is the Little Busters! spin-off to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original game made by Key in 2007. Kud Wafter centers around Kudryavka “Kud” Noumi and her roommate as they take on new missions.

The Kud Wafter film is a what-if story that provides an alternate story to the original game and anime. You can read the short summary between the brackets but it has Little Busters! Refrain spoilers: [The class field trip ended without an incident, which leads to Kud and Riki becoming a couple. Riki stays with Kud during the summer since the boys’ dorm is undergoing renovation. What kind of new missions will the couple take on?]

Kud Wafter

Kud Wafter has already raised a grand total of 81 million yen ($714,448) with 78 million yen ($688,000) from Japanese fans and3 million yen ($26,448) from international fans.  However, if international fans can raise a total of 15 million yen ($131,955), they’ve reached the stretch goal to increase movie’s runtime to a full 60 minutes.

J.C. Staff is producing the movie and is aiming for a 2019 release date. You can visit Otaku Mode to donate to Kud Wafter.

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