Kohske Threatens to Cancel ‘Gangsta.’ If You Keep Pirating

Manga creators and publishers have been struggling to combat digital piracy. Various awareness campaigns, pleas from creators, and promotions of legal digital sites haven’t taken a bite out of piracy.


The past two years have seen the Japanese government stepping in to shut down access to scanlation and seed sites, but that only affects Japanese piracy — which may not be doing much good.

Kohske is the creator of Gangsta., and she recently went on Twitter to reveal that English-speaking pirates may force her to quit. English scanlations have been gaining popularity in Japan and more readers are visiting ad-supported scanlations sites instead of reading the officially released manga, which is giving money to pirates as opposed to the original creators.

Here is Kohske’s Twitter thread:






Kohske’s plea was met with a variety of reactions. Fans flooded her thread with photos of their purchases and shared their love for Gangsta.:


Others were tone-deaf and defended their right to pirate Kohske’s work:


The people attacking Kohske seem to be missing a few important details — she has no say in licensing agreements and she can’t snap a mythical “Steam Version of Manga” into existence.

Even worse is that the haters tend to be located in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany. Gangsta. is officially translated in all of those countries.

While there are legitimate barriers that force fans towards piracy, they get drowned out when people attack Kohske for forces that are beyond her control (like licenses and translation speed) or miscellaneous reasons (like price point).


Readers should attempt to support their favorite creators, otherwise, they will be forced to quit writing your favorite stories. However, if you have a tendency to pirate, it’s best not to throw it in your “favorite” creator’s face.

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