Kit Kat Sushi Is The Perfect Sweet Treat For Any Otaku

Sushi and Kit Kat are two food that shouldn't be fused together... Or should they?

In the list of quintessential Japanese food that weebs and otakus love, Sushi and Kit Kats are pretty high in the rankings.

Probably somewhere between Ramune and the oh-so-important box of Pocky

We usually have sushi as the main course of the meal and grab a KitKat later for a snack. Well, a hole-in-the-wall sushi joint in the Philippines, cleverly named Ta Ke Ho Me, decided that they’re having none of that – they upped the ante by combining the two into the magnificent Kit Kat Sushi.

Bask in its glory (photo: @missusgraham)

Unlike a similar treat found in Tokyo, which are made from special sushi-flavored Kit Kats, these are made from relatively regular ingredients. The base is made from rice crispies smothered in marshmallows, topped with either a green tea or chocolate bar, and neatly tied together with a strip of nori.

Matcha best girl flavor (photo: facebook)

These babies are only available in Ta Ke Ho Me stores this month, so if you’re nowhere near the Philippines, you might have to show off the skills you learned from cooking anime and make one yourself.

See you at the dentist! (photo: @katparreno)
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