Kim Kardashian Shocks Fans With Surprise Anime Obsession Tweet

Kim Kardashian West has announced that she’s obsessed with anime.

That’s right, one of the worlds most famous business mogul is an anime fan. Kim’s anime obsession comes shortly after Michael B. Jordan’s otaku hobby was revealed.


Kim teases that the latest Yeezy fashion line inspired by anime.

Kim was in Tokyo, Japan and Tweeted some pictures featuring new pieces from her husband’s Yeezy Season 7 fashion line. One fan pointed out that her rose-tinted hair and puffer coats gave off an anime vibe, which prompted Kim to confirm the fan’s theory.


Only a handful of outfits were revealed.

If Yeezy Season 7 is inspired by anime, it’s fairly tame and contemporary compared to what Louis Vuitton has shown in the past.


This isn’t the first time Kim has gotten a little nerdy in Japan.

A few weeks ago, Kim shared a photo from last year’s Tokyo trip of her browsing for manga. Fans were left wondering what kind of manga Kim reads or if she’s looking for a gift for Kanye, who has never been ashamed of his love for anime and eroge.


Anime fans didn’t know how to feel about the news. Some were excited while others are skeptical of her fandom.


I’m sure all will be forgiven if Kim busts out a Black Lady Chibi Moon cosplay from Sailor Moon.

Black Lady Chibi Moon

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