Kim Jong-un Was Too Obsessed with Manga to Get Good Grades in School

Anime and manga fans can be found in the most unexpected places. From Britney Spear’s sons to popular rappers like Tyga, you could claim a metaphysical bond with them! Now, Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, has been outed as an otaku.

Kim Jong-un

Japanese TV show Yabai Hanashi The World sent personality Daiki Kameda to Bern, Switzerland to do a report on Jong-un. The North Korean leader studied in Bern for four years under a false name when he was 12…and it seems like he was a typical otaku.

Researcher Gabriel Myer told Kameda that Jong-un would get poor grades because he would spend most of his time reading manga. Slam Dunk and Dragon Ball were among his favorites, while his sister adored Sailor Moon.

Slam Dunk

Like his father, Kim Jong-il, Jong-un also loved the NBA – America’s professional basketball league. It’s been cited that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were his favorite players. While leading North Korea, Jong-un has had a highly publicized friendship with basketball player Dennis Rodman, who is Jordan’s former teammate.

The Jong family has a bizarre relationship with foreign entertainment, which North Korean citizens are banned from consuming. Now, we are wondering if Jong-un follows seasonal anime and online reviews when not having a Twitter feud with President Trump.

At least he gave us an anime parody series:

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