‘KanColle’ is Getting a New Ship Girls Anime

KanColle isn’t looking to be overmatched by Azur Lane as the franchise announced that a new anime series is in production! The new anime announced at a fan event.

Studio Engi is replacing Diomedéa as the animation studio, and this will be their first anime series. The 2D/3D studio was previously founded by Kadokawa, Sammy, and Ultra Super Pictures last April. They did debut a promo for the new anime, but the staff hasn’t streamed it online.

KanColle is a popular game franchise that follows a group of girls who possess the spirit of real-world warships as they combat a dangerous threat known as The Abyssal Fleet. The first anime follows Fubuki as a destroyer recruit and follows her training as a member of the Third Torpedo Squadron.


Studio Engi hasn’t stated who the main character of the new anime will be nor a release window.

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SOURCE'KanColle' Official Twitter Account
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