‘KADO: The Right Answer’ Gets a Free Compilation Film Until June 4

KADO: The Right Answer was one of last year’s most divisive series. It received praise for its sci-fi setting, but fans were mixed on the pacing, CGI animation, and its ending. Turns out, Toei Animation fixed two of the three major complaints.


Toei Animation released a two-hour, English-subtitled compilation film titled KADO: Beyond Information. It features a more fluid pacing, new scenes, and an altered ending. The only kicker is that the film will be available for free on Youtube until June 4. Fans that miss the free legal stream will have to pick it up on home video.

KADO: The Right Answer first aired in the spring 2017 season. The story follows Kojiro Shindo, a government official who is among 251 flight passengers that fly into a giant cube. There, a mysterious man named Yaha-kui zaShunina, who is from a higher dimensional universe called Novo. Yaha-kui claims that he wants to advance humanity, but will Shindo be able to trust him?

KADO: Beyond Information

The series ran for 12 episodes and was nominated for a VFX-Japan Award for its animation style. It lost to Land of the Lustrous and Kemono Friends.

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