July’s Comedy ‘Jashin-chan Dropkick’ Showcases Opening Song

A new music video has been released for Jashin-chan Dropkick (Dropkick on My Devil!), which reveals the anime’s opening song. “Ano Ko ni Dropkick” is performed by a unit consisting of the anime’s main voice actresses.


It’s also revealed that Jashin-chan Dropkick will debut this July. The comedy series follows Yurine, a college student with a taste for gothic-lolita fashion. One day, she summons a demon named Jashin-chan and the two are forced to live in a run-down apartment. There is a clause in the summoning contract that states Jashin-chan is free after Yurine’s death, which causes the demon to stage many failed assassination attempts.

Yukiwo launched the web manga in 2012 while illustrating the Noucome light novel series.

Dropkick on My Devil!

Are you ready for some Japanese slap-stick comedy?

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