Japan’s Next Biggest Fashion Model is Completely Virtual

Anyone who loves Japanese street fashion knows imma. She’s a rising star on Instagram thanks to her sense of fashion, choices of locales, and subtle makeup game. Imma’s use of snapshots adds a personal feel to her social media, as opposed to clinical studio shots most models use.




However, imma has a huge secret that you may not know. She models for the ModelingCafe, which is home to Japan’s top digital artists. That’s right, imma is a computer-generated model!




ModelingCafe places imma into images of real-world locations, like Akihabara or the trendy Daikanyama. Their artists pay meticulous attention to subtle details, such as imma’s hair, makeup layering, and use of lighting. These details help to diminish the uncanny valley found in many realistic CG images.




The key detail to imma’s realistic look is her skin. Not only does the team pay attention to wrinkles and pores, but they have a team of female artists who apply digital cosmetics to imma. ModelingCafe argues that most men lack personal experience using cosmetics, which can lead to goofy results.




ModelingCafe hopes to combine imma with an A.I. program to produce real-time animations. Eventually, imma would become a media personality similar to the current wave of virtual Youtubers, but with a more realistic personality.



Until then, fans get to enjoy wonderfully crafted still images. You can visit imma’s Instagram and Twitter pages

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