Japan’s Newest Viral Manga is About a Moe Menstrual Cycle

On the surface, Seiri-chan is a typical manga. The series is named after its main character, which is an anthropomorphized thing. It’s trendy these days, but Seiri-chan is turning heads.


You see, Seiri-chan follows the life a menstrual cycle. Yes, the completely natural bodily function of women has its own manga.

Casey Baseel of SoraNews24 stumbled upon the gem, which showcases Seiri-chan meeting various women for their monthly visit. Each chapter contains humorous interactions as Seiri-chan tries to help with personal crises.

Some highlights include Seiri-chan comforting a woman after a salacious night of casual sex. Seiri-chan’s visit is greeting with relief, highlighting that the night of passion didn’t lead to an unwanted pregnancy.


Not everything is serious – at one point Seiri-chan gives a callous man a “menstrual punch” and injects him with a drug so that he can experience the wonders of having a period.

The manga is written by Ken Koyama, a man who knows a lot about menstrual cycles. In fact, his series is picking up steam with female readers, so he’s doing something right.

Images via SoraNews24

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